yearly favs: twenty twenty two

As 2022 draws to a close, I wanted to share a listing of my Favorites Albums and Songs of the year. With roughly 400 albums in my 2022 Apple Music collection, I definitely had my fair share of music to consume; however, I feel like over the last few years not too many albums are really grabbing my attention. Either that or I (sadly) think the concept of an album is slowly dying, due to shorter attention spans. I need to make it a goal in the new year to dedicate more time to listening to albums front to back. With that being said, I hope you enjoy my list and playlist. Per usual, I’m sure this list would be completely different a month from now and I’m sure I’ve overlooked some solid albums. Let me know of some of your favs.

  1. TOLEDO – How It Ends
  2. Harry Styles – Harry’s House
  3. Matteo Myderwyk – Veluwe Suite
  4. Twain – Noon
  5. Maia Friedman – Under The New Light
  6. Cola – Deep In View
  7. Kevin Morby – This Is A Photograph
  8. Wilco – Cruel Country
  9. Widowspeak – The Jacket
  10. Walter Martin – The Bear
  11. Madison Cunningham – Revealer
  12. Erin Rae – Lighten Up
  13. RY X – Blood Moon
  14. The Smile – A Light For Attracting Attention
  15. Tiffany Topol – Sophomore Affair
  16. S.G. Goodman – Teeth Marks
  17. Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Reset
  18. Bonny Light Horseman – Rolling Golden Holy
  19. Beabadoobee – Beatopia
  20. Weyes Blood – And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow
  21. Wild Rivers – Sidelines
  22. Papercuts – Past Life Regression
  23. Patrick Watson – Better in the Shade
  24. Interpol – The Other Side of Make-Believe
  25. Beach House – Once Twice Melody

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