yearly favs: twenty twenty one

If my mid-year list was any indication, this was the first year (in which I can remember) where I really struggled to connect with albums. Granted, my time for consuming an album from front to back has definitely dwindled, therefore I probably have not given the nearly 400 albums documented in my Google Sheet the proper amount of listens. That being said, here are 25 albums that did catch my attention, as well as a playlist of some of my favorites songs.

  1. Coco – s/t
  3. Liam Kazar – Due North
  4. Sam Evian – Time to Melt
  5. The Weather Station – Ignorance
  6. Andreas Ihlebæk – Ihlebæk: I Will Build You A House
  7. Maple Glider – To Enjoy is the Only Thing
  8. Hovvdy – True Love
  9. Natalie Jane Hill – Solely
  10. Phil Cook All These Years
  11. Matteo Myderwyk – Notes of Longing
  12. The Vernon Spring – A Plane over Woods
  13. A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Invisible Cities
  14. Nils Frahm – Graz
  15. Big Red Machine – How Long Do You Think It’s Going to Last?
  16. Yellow Ostrich – Soft
  17. Faye Webster – I Know I’m Funny haha
  18. Melissa Carper – Daddy’s Country Gold
  19. Bachelor – Doomin’ Sun
  20. Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – A Beginner’s Mind
  21. Jungle – Loving In Stereo
  22. Andrew Belle – Night Shade
  23. dodie – Build A Problem
  24. Scott Orr – Oh Man
  25. The Staves – Good Woman

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