yearly favs: twenty twenty one (so far)

Either I’ve done a poor job of listening to albums or unfortunately, not too many have caught my attention thus far. That being said, here are a few that I have enjoyed, as well as a playlist of some favorite songs.

  1. The Weather Station – Ignorance
  2. A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Invisible Cities
  3. Melissa Carper – Daddy’s Country Gold
  4. Lo Talker – A Comedy of Errors
  5. The Vernon Spring – A Plane over Woods
  6. Maple Glider – To Enjoy Is the Only Thing
  7. Yellow Ostrich – Soft
  8. Smoothboi Ezra – Stuck [EP]
  9. Faye Webster – I Know I’m Funny haha
  10. Bachelor – Doomin’ Sun

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